5 Tips to Find Krav Maga Best Quality School

December 22, 2021 by No Comments

You can use Krav Maga for many things. Even though it is some kind of martial arts or defensive technique to protect you, it is also known as a good exercise for losing weight. Therefore, if you plan to take the Krav Maga class, that is a good decision. You get many benefits from it. Therefore, you need to Find Krav Maga school where you can learn this art. Read more to find about how to do it.

Decide the Goals

What do you want from joining the Krav Maga class? Decide the goal that you want to get from trying Krav Maga. Each school offers a different package for a different purpose. They have a class for you who want to learn self-defense skills and join a competition. You also can find the class for losing weight. So, choose the school that has the class that matches your goal. 

Choose the Legitimate Krav Maga School

You might find the martial arts school that offers various martial arts classes, including Krav Maga. Try to avoid this kind of school. Mostly, they only use the Krav Maga name to attract people. You won’t learn the real Krav Maga there, but only the basics of it. Therefore, find the legitimate Krav Maga school that is specialized and only teaches Krav Maga. That way you can teach the real Krav Maga that you want.

Look for Its Affiliation

To find the legitimate Krav Maga school, you also should check its affiliation with a trusted organization. There are many of them, such as Krav Maga Worldwide. So, make sure the school is listed in that organization. It also has been trusted as the training place for military or other organizations. That means that they have the knowledge and skill that you can learn. You won’t waste your time and money there.

Check the Instructor Capability

Make sure the instructors in that school are experienced and certified. Moreover, Krav Maga is an open self-defense system. It means it keeps changing based on the current situation and threat. Therefore, good instructors keep improving themselves by joining regular training. That way, they get the new update of the Krav Maga technique and information. So, choose only a school that has that kind of instructor.

The Fees

All Krav Maga schools accept the students for making a profit. Therefore, it is not surprising, if you have to pay quite a lot to get the real Krav Maga training. That is reasonable. However, make sure all fees you have paid to them are what you see and use for training. Try to search and ask whether there are hidden fees for their training or not. Use a testimonial or review for more objective information about this matter.


Now, if you want to Find Krav Maga school or class, you won’t have any problem. Follow our tips above. You will find a place where you can learn the real art of Krav Maga. Use what you learned for protection and exercise to improve your health.