Kia Places the 3.5L V6 Duratec Motor within the 2010 Bend

The actual Kia Bend, obtainable because ’09, arrives regular this year using the exact same sequential multi-port digital energy shot 3.5L V6 Duratec Motor. Furthermore, 2010 versions right now provide a stronger, however affordable EcoBoost edition, an immediate shot twin-turbo V6 driven motor. This particular brand new motor technologies provides lots of energy whilst keeping accurate as to the customers think about to become best; energy economic climate.

Flex’s non-turbo motor provides optionally available AWD or even FWD. Combined having a 6 pace automated tranny, the actual Bend creates 248 lbs associated with torque from 6, two hundred and fifty RPMs. Hp is actually ranked from 248 from four, 500 RPMs. The brand new EcoBoost improved motor, obtainable just within AWD, ups the actual torque significantly in order to 355 from 5, seven hundred by having an elevated hp result associated with 350 of them costing only 3, 500 RPMs.

Kia Flex’s bottom motor has a solitary stainless wear out along with 2 catalytic converters. The actual EcoBoost improved motor updates to some stainless tipped, twin stainless wear out. Throw Light weight aluminum can be used with regard to each motor prevent kind as well as canister mind materials.

Fuel useage for that bottom FWD 3.5L V6 is actually seventeen city/24 freeway, whilst AWD Furthermore versions tend to be sixteen city/22 freeway. The actual quicker, similarly affordable turbo billed AWD design won’t break your budget with regard to fuel useage, attaining the same as fuel useage since the non-turbo edition, from sixteen city/ twenty two freeway.

Even though a new comer to the actual Kia Bend, the actual EcoBoost improved motor made an appearance last year, utilized in the actual Lincoln subsequently MKS four door. EcoBoost technologies is actually guaranteeing, providing remarkably greater result as well as superb energy economic climate. Made to provide a good amazing 20-30 % improve within energy economic climate more than regular, possibly slow, non-turbo displacement motors, Flex’s EcoBoost choice ought to be a goody for just about any proprietor.

Citroen C3 Evaluation

There is no question Citroen’s fairly C3 had been the inhale associated with climate the moment this come to exist within 2002. Influenced through the 2CV, the actual five-door extremely small appeared to be completely prepared as well as, because of the actual company’s substantial money bonus deals, very economical, as well.

Consequently, selected good examples define superb worth — even though together with therefore several motor as well as gear combination’s to choose close to, exactly what hatch is the greatest?

Inexpensive operating expenses increase the elegance, nevertheless a few C3s aren’t of the same quality they are driving because rivals. Patchy construct as well as flimsy cut tend to be additional well-known difficulties, therefore even though C3 is associated with automobile relating to your financial situation, it is important a person spend some time to be able to get a great 1.


Delicate cut: actually upon brand new good examples, the inside cut is actually flimsy as well as leads to lots of sounds, creaks as well as rattles. The actual old the vehicle, the actual even worse this really is most likely to become… therefore check nothing is actually lacking upon each and every possible purchase, as well as guarantee all things functions since it should.

Motor difficulties: fuel-injection pump motor failing might wreck 16-valve powerplants. Before you decide to may buy, guarantee the actual motor features equally in addition to feel the providers background as well as bills to discover when the work may be removed formerly.

Air-con: nice amounts of regular gear imply numerous C3s may have air-conditioning supplied. Even though this can be a requirement with regard to summer time, the actual versions may drip. Examine the actual footwells concerning sign associated with fluid as well as operate the machine to make sure this really cools the environment.

Electrics: gremlins really are a typical bottom associated with difficulties about the small Citroen, therefore take a look at items like the remote control main locking mechanism, energy home windows as well as hi-fi program are operating perfectly. Do not depart any kind of switches unpressed within!

Corrosion: fresh paint safety may be irregular * primarily on the actual roofing — therefore ensure that there is simply no tag associated with deterioration where ever. Obtain a flashlight as well as examine below since many effective you are able to, as well. Slimmer entire body areas, specially the entrances ( empty ) tend to be too vunerable to car parking represents.


You can tote the low-mileage one-owner 1.4-litre gas C3 with an 03-plate with regard to four, 000. A good equiv-alent HDi will set you back an additional 500, whenever a 54-reg gas or even diesel-powered motor might cost you regarding 7, 000.

The first Pluriels tend to be nowadays under 6, 000, as well as SensoDrive automated automobiles won’t get an excellent high quality because there are usually quite a bit regarding. In the event you really would like the 1.4 HDi, you will need to invest this; rock-bottom is actually at the moment 7, two hundred using a primary merchant.

Exactly what to begin searching for

Car enthusiasts should check the actual SensoDrive prior to these people purchase. It’s clutchless change provides fashionable body, however modifications could be time-consuming. The actual quirky Pluriel will give you the full-length sunroof/drop-top style, however make certain the actual fiddly set-up is actually un-damaged. Choose from the range may be the regular C3 1.4 HDi, using its torquey, affordable diesel-powered. Even if the actual Cease & Begin functions properly, reducing power whenever you may actually an overall total stop within visitors, after that revved upward while you discharge the actual braking system, it really is less affordable since the oil-burner.

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