5 Documents You Should Prepare for Selling A Car in Australia

March 26, 2022 by No Comments

What kind of document do I need to prepare when I want to sell my car in Australia? You might have this kind of question when you plan to sell your car. It is normal because the documents will be something like proof that you own the car and sell that car legally. For that reason, we have collected information about the documents you need to prepare here.

The Proof of Ownership

You need the documents that can prove that the vehicle is yours. For that reason, prepare something like a car registration certificate. Make sure it is valid and renewed. Also, you might need to show your driver’s license and personal ID, like a passport. The name on your ID must also match the name on the car registration certificate.

Transfer of Ownership Form

You can use the online form to do this. However, we recommend you prepare the physical document that shows you already transferred the ownership of your car to the buyer. Make sure you get the new owner’s contact details to be included in the form. That way everything that happens to that vehicle will be the responsibility of its new owner.

Get the Receipt

When you make a transaction with a value of more than $75, it is required by the law to issue a receipt for that. Therefore, you also should do that for the transaction. Once you sell your car, you need to provide proof in the form of a document that shows the transaction has been done and other details about it, such as the price and recipient/buyer.

Roadworthy Certificate

Also, prepare the Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). It is necessary to let the buyer know that they got a properly working vehicle. Some states in Australia, like Victoria, require every vehicle to have this certificate because of their annual inspection. So, it will help the buyer in the future.

Car Manual

It is not only about the instruction manual for maintaining your vehicle. You also need to provide information about the extra accessories that you might have installed in your vehicles, such as audio or infotainment systems. Thus, the buyer will be able to use it without any problem. That also includes the value or price of the vehicle they have paid.


Those are the standard documents you should prepare when you want to sell your car. Now, you only need to find the buyer. Fortunately, many online platforms for selling various vehicles are available today. You can use them to find a potential buyer. Some of them even buy your car directly.

Once you have the place to sell your car, now you are ready to make money from it. Prepare the documents, keep your vehicle in good condition, and negotiate for the best price. Using the professional is also a good decision. They will help you with complicated transactions and documentation processes to save more time. That’s everything that you need to know about how to sell my car in Australia.