4 Things to Consider Before Buying Ankle Holster

December 22, 2021 by No Comments

Carrying a gun for protection is a necessity today when the world is getting crazy and dangerous. The crime rate that keeps increasing makes one step outside your house could lead you to trouble. Because of this circumstance, you might have a plan to buy an Ankle holster. Yes, it is one of the popular tools to carry your gun easily. However, do you need it? Before you buy it, here are several things that you have to consider.

Are You Carrying a Secondary Weapon?

Ankle holster mostly has a small size, used for carrying a small gun. And, people use the smaller gun as a secondary weapon. The primary weapon has a bigger size than the secondary weapon. People also carry it on the upper body, so they can draw it easily and faster.

Therefore, the first thing you should consider when you want to buy an ankle holster is whether you carry a secondary weapon or not. If you don’t have a secondary weapon, you don’t need the ankle holster. Even though you only have a small gun, you can carry it on the upper body for easy usage.

The Clothes You Wear

An ankle holster is used not only for carrying the secondary weapon. You also use it to conceal your weapon. It also uses a different place than the standard gun holster, which is your ankle. However, because of this concealing purpose, you also need to consider what kind of clothes that you wear.

Your clothes must be able to hide the ankle holster that you wear. Therefore, you should wear long pants. And, it is not all long pants you can wear with an ankle holster. You can’t use skinny type long pants, which don’t conceal the ankle holster. Make sure to use the bigger size pants or skirt that can give that kind of function.

Body Condition

Because you will wear the ankle holster on your ankle, you must be able to reach it when you want to draw your gun. If you have a knee problem, back pain, or other condition that is not allowed you to bend and reach the holster, you don’t need an ankle holster. It will only give you trouble to get your gun when you need it.

Retention System

You also need to choose what type of retention system for your ankle holster. There are many types available on the market. Choose one that matches your preference and the type of your gun. Make sure you refer to the gun manual to find which retention system is suitable for it.


Finding the best gun holster is necessary if you want to get the best protection that you need. Therefore, the tips above help you to get the best product that you need. You can save more money, get the most effective product and protection that you need with your gun. So, you only need to visit the store that you can trust and get an Ankle holster that matches your preference and need.