3 Tips to Find CGI Backgrounds that Improve Your Design

December 24, 2021 by No Comments

Having many CGI Backgrounds is necessary if you work or run a business in the design, advertising, or art field. If you are a student, you might also need it for your project, homework, or presentation. So, where can you get those images? There are many providers for CGI images you can use as background. It will be a bit difficult to choose the best image you can use. But, here, we have the tips for you to solve that problem.

Find the Image with Free Royalty  

The first thing you should do to get a CGI image is easy. Find the image with free royalty. There are many of those free CGI pictures on the internet. With this free royalty feature, you don’t have to pay the usage fees whenever you use it for your project. However, most of these free royalty images have low quality and variation. Therefore, it is recommended to get the cgi background image from the paid service. 

The paid service has a similar service to the free one. You only need to pay once, and you can use the image from their database. Their images are also royalty-free. But they are made by professionals to ensure the best image quality that their clients can get. So, use this paid-free royalty background image.

Ensure to Choose the High-Resolution CGI Background

You can find various choices of format and resolution for the images. It gives you more freedom to use it on any project and design. So, choose only CGI Backgrounds with the highest resolution. Why?

The high-resolution image allows you to edit it to match your design. Even if you change its size on the design, it still looks clear and easy to notice. So, you want to make a store design where you put the banner with the CGI background that you choose. The size of the banner is small. However, the high-resolution image you put on it is still easy to see and understand what image that is.

360 Degrees HDR

You may don’t need this feature. But it is not wrong to include this feature in your consideration. Choose the image with this feature for a better variety of usage. For example, this image is the best option for the background. On the other hand, you also can use it as the base to create the 3D virtual tour. You can create an environment with this kind of image.

Best of all, if you can find 4k cgi background with 360 degrees HDR, you can even make it as the atmosphere image on your 3D software. Rendering your project with this HDR image, the 3D object/model will have a more realistic reflection and light texture on its surface.


In short, whenever you want to get a CGI background image file, make sure you only choose the best and highest quality image. It is a bit expensive. Its size is also big. However, with the CGI Backgrounds like this one, you will also get the best result.