Tips to Move Your Car to Hawaii

March 11, 2021 by No Comments

Are you planning to move to Hawaii? If you do, you may also have to think about whether you buy a new car there or not. As for you that can’t be separated from the car you use every day in your current place, you can always use the service for Shipping car to Hawaii. Find the service that can do that for you. Once you found it, next thing you must prepare it for the move. So, here we have several tips that you can use to prepare your car to be moved to your new place in Hawaii.

Drive Your Car to the Port

If you do this, you can save the pickup fee. Moreover, it also saves more time, as the shipping company will have easier tasks to ship your car to the destination. So, drive it to the port and give it to the shipping company that you hire. They will deal with the rest of it for you.

Hire the Pickup Service

If you don’t have time to drive your car to port or just too lazy to do that, hire the pickup service. In general, the shipping company also provides this service. With an extra fee, you can get your car sent to the port and ready to ship to Hawaii.

Prepare the Documents

You also need several documents to use the shipping service for your car. Many companies offer different types of service. However, mostly, they require similar documents to ship the car to Hawaii. Here are some of the documents that you have to prepare:

–        Lien Holder Authorization Letter – it is a permit or authorization for the shipping company to move your car to the destination.

–        Vehicle registration document – it must have validity at the time your car is moved.

–        Your picture and ID – must be the same as the car registration document.

Prepare Your Car

Other than documentation, you also have to prepare your car, so it is in ready-to-move condition. First of all, turn off its electric system. It is including the alarm system. So, when the shipping company moves it, it won’t activate the alarm. Plus, this method also can save battery power.

Then, fill up the ¼ volume of your car fuel tank. It helps the shipping company to move it to the truck that will deliver it to the destination. One more thing, do not leave any personal or precious objects in your car. So, take all items that you think it is important for you from the dashboard, shelves, or any part of your car interior. It is for your car safety and lowers the risk of losing them.


As you can see, Shipping car to Hawaii is not that difficult as long as you know what you should prepare and do. Follow our tips above to get your car shipped safely. And, if you combine them with the best shipping service from a top shipping company, you can ship your car without any problem.