The Way to Install 7.3 Head Studs Kit on Ford Trucks

March 28, 2021 by No Comments

Do you want to replace the damaged 7.3 head studs with the new ones? If it is so, you need to consider the information below. This information helps you to find the right head studs for your Ford truck. You can also install this part correctly. As a result, you can use the truck as before.

The Specifications of 7.3 Head Studs

A specific head stud kit, such as the TrackTech head stud kit has the highest tensile strength in the industry. The maximal tensile strength of this product is 240.000 PSI. The production process is not only by giving the highest tensile strength but also by applying several recommended tests.

TrackTech head stud kit often passes the UTM machine tests to validate 240k PSI tensile strength. The manufacturer also uses lab, bench, street, and strip tests to verify that the kit is suitable for Ford trucks. 7.3 head studs kit is compatible with 94-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke.

The Steps to Install 7.3 Head Studs Kit

You have to uninstall everything before installing the 7.3 head studs kit. Don’t forget to remove the valve covers. Next, pull the glow plugs and injectors. Find out the location of the bottom engine mount bolts and remove the from the engine. You need to remove the 3 more bolts on the driver’s side engine mount. The purpose of doing this procedure is to block and lift the engine. Now, remove the mount on the driver’s side and lower the engine. Make sure that the engine is tilted over now. It makes you have access to the passenger’s head.

Continue the process by removing the center bolts one at a time. Then, replace them with the new head studs. Install the head studs carefully based on the instructions on the package. Make sure that the studs torque properly before replacing the driver’s side engine mount. It is time to remove the passenger side mount. The process is the same as the process where you remove the mount on the driver’s side. Lower the engine to get access to the drive’s side bolts.

Repeat the steps as you did on the driver’s side. Do the process until you install the studs. Install all the parts of the truck back. Test the truck and make sure that the engine starts well as before. If it is so, you are successfully installing the head studs and ready to drive the truck.

The Place To Buy 7.3 Head Studs Kit

You don’t need to get confused about finding the place to buy a 7.3 head studs kit. Nowadays, you can buy it online. An online store, such as Norcal Diesel Performance offers a variety of head studs, including a 7.3 head studs kit for 94-03 7.3L Ford Powerstroke.

You will have the complete version, along with the instructions to install the studs. You only have to follow the instructions carefully to get the performance of the truck back. The most important thing is that you finally get the 7.3 head studs kit that you may not find anywhere around your area.