The actual V6 Motor within the 2010 Highlander is really a 3.3 Liter Crossbreed

March 13, 2023 by No Comments

Toyota is actually mentioned because of its hybrids, using the Prius becoming the actual flagship from the course. Nevertheless, the actual Highlander crossbreed motor hasn’t a lot opting for this besides this rhymes as well as will get a little much better fuel useage within the town compared to it’s conventional-engine Highlander friends.

The actual Highlander crossbreed is really a 3.3 liter V6 which will get twenty five MPG within the town as well as twenty six MPG on the road. Which evaluate towards the 3.5 liter gasoline-only motor which will get 20 MPG town as well as 28 MPG freeway. Each tend to be ranked from 270 hp, however the crossbreed offers just 212 foot-pounds associated with torque in contrast to 248 for that 3.5 liter.

The actual crossbreed edition includes a car or truck associated with $34, nine hundred when compared with $29, two hundred for that 3.5 liter motor. Considering the fact that the actual crossbreed will get somewhat even worse fuel useage about the open-road, both factors to purchase the crossbreed Highlander is always to obtain which 5 MPG benefit around and also to be observed purchasing a crossbreed vehicle. The actual second option may attract a few cities or even environmentally-conscious companies with regard to who generating the navy associated with hybrids may attract clients as well as strengthen a good energy-saving information.

Gasoline cost savings does not very appear to help to make the situation for that crossbreed, for that crossbreed might conserve 1000 gallons associated with gasoline more than 100, 000 kilometers associated with town generating. Provided present gasoline costs around $2.50/gallon, that could conserve just $2500, no more than 1 / 2 of the actual differential between your traditional as well as crossbreed variations; gasoline would need to wake up in order to $5/gallon for that crossbreed to create feeling financially.